To ensure that we meet your patients' expectations, we have put together a checklist of the items needed to complete a case.

Cosmetic Checklist

  • Photos of pre-op teeth with shade guide.
  • Photos of preps with stump shade tabs.
  • Photos of temporaries, full face, including eyes.
  • Photos of temporaries eye to chin, relaxed lip position.
  • Model of pre-op.
  • Model of temporaries.
  • Bite registration.
  • Stick bite (horizontal plane parallel to interpupillary line).
  • Detailed lab slip expressing goals of patient.
  • Indicate the desired length of final restorations.

Tips When Sending A Case

  • Make sure that the models are inside bubble wrap.
  • Separate all alginate models before shipping.
  • Label all slides and photos with the doctor's name and patient's name.
  • Make sure the models are tightly packed.